a little photoshoot


Yesterday, we got our furnace replaced.
Hooray for having heat, not-so-hooray for paying it off for a year.
Kids, this stuff is expensive.
And apparently time-consuming.
The poor guy came at 8 am.
We left the house just before 5, and he was still working away, still needing to do a ton of work.
We are guessing he left around 7:30.
I sure hope he gets paid well.
{And that he used our bathroom when we left.
That is a long time to hold it in.}

The reason we left our poor furnace installer all alone was to swap family pictures with our friends.
You know, we take theirs and they take ours?

It was so stinking fun.
Look at how pretty the leaves are.
Granted, most had fallen where we shot, but this whole area is beautiful.
Like, we-may-never-want-to-leave-Minnestoa beatuiful.

Here are some of our favorites:

My favorite. Hands down.

Hope you are enjoying your weekend! 


  1. It is very pretty there. These are nice pictures. Do you edit them or are these straight from the camera?

    1. We do some editing. Mainly to make them brighter or sharper but we luckily don't have to do much!

  2. So fun! I love seeing all these people on one blog post together. Such a small world that you guys would end up in the same ward! So glad you did. These pictures turned out so cute! Kemry is such a sweety and SO good in front of the camera. I wish I could say the same for Brycen! You guys are going to get a doozy from us this Christmas card. ha ha

  3. We need to come visit you and have you come visit us still. It looks like there are some great things about Minnesota and there are definitely fun things we want to show you out here. :)


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