our favorite baby products


Oh, little girl! You are so spoiled!
Here are the important (and unimportant) baby products that have saved us the past two months. Click on the titles to find out more...

These are awesome. Period.
Since they are of a good size, we can wrap the crap out of our little one.
The more you wash these, the softer they get.
Also, they are nice and lightweight, which is good since Kemry is one little toaster oven when she sleeps.

 Kemry has a few of these, and I adore them
Talk about fast diaper changes now that you don't have to pull off socks and/or pants!
Also, she is right in between newborn and 0-3 month clothing...and all of the pants are too big.
Legwarmers? Problem solved.

They give you green ones in the hospital, and they are the only binkis Kemry will take.
We now have 2 greens, one pink, and one purple.
My lifesavers.

So nice and pretty darn cute.
We had a problem with losing all of our pacifiers every single day.
This are great!

Kemry's head is too small for most headbands, and the ones that fit just look silly on her.
These are so adorable and stick on just right with a little corn syrup.
AND the owner cuts all of her products by hand.

This is not a plug for my job.
The last thing I want to think about on maternity leave is my job.
I honestly just love my nook.
Great for all of those 3 am feeding only need one hand and can turn the page with the swipe of a finger.

Remember this post about the cute little cow?
She still adores it.
This is one of the only ways I can put her down during the day.

Also known as the baby-torture-device.
Sorry Kemry.
Not going to live without this one!

Does it make Kemry sleep better?
I think so.
Does it smell heavenly?
For sure.

ogio computer tote
 I used this in college and was still in pristine condition when we found out we were pregnant.
So it became our diaper bag.
And I adore it.
Sadly, it has been discontinued, so if it breaks, I am out of luck...

Since I didn't buy a diaper bag, I had no travel changing pad.
And I couldn't find one anywhere that I liked.
So I bought oilcloth from oilclothaddict and made my own.
And I like it so much better than any changing pad I have seen included with diaper bags.

When Kemry started to finally get rid of the dreaded baby acne, her skin became so dry and itchy.
I could tell it was just driving her crazy.
Enough so that she would rub her face back and forth on my chest or shoulder so she could itch it.
And it drove me bonkers.
This lotion is so yummy and is so soft and delicate for my tender one.

There you go. This is what makes the world go round in our house nowadays.

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