the correct way to eat an oreo


There is only one correct way to eat Oreos.
Thanks to Amy Worthington, Tyrel and I were informed of our incorrect dipping and munching.

Here, my friends, is the correct way to eat an Oreo.
{Today, Golden Oreos sounded just a little more scrumptious than regular Oreos.}

1. Place Oreo on a fork.

2. Dip Oreo completely into a cup of milk {preferable Reed's Whole Milk...mmmmm}.

3. Wait until all of the bubbles stop coming from the Oreo.

 3. Eat.
 Thanks, hottie hubby.

 What does this method solve?
-Milk/soggy cookie on fingers
-Dropping cookie in milk {and even if it does fall in, you can fork it out}
-Multiple dippings to soak whole can eat it in one bite.
-Half-soaked/half-crunch cookie...the bubbles tell you when it is done

Seriously. I will never eat Oreos the same.
And neither will some of our friends.
And, as for this little one...

...she can't wait to eat Oreos on forks, too.

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  1. So glad to see you're still eating Oreo's with a fork - seriously, THE best way to eat them.

    One time, I would love to see a post about those very special South Dakotan treats you taught me to make. :)


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