spring? you're fired.


You heard me.
Enough of this snow crap.
I demand summer.
One thing that makes my summerbugs start a-creepin' would have to be...

Tyrel and I stop at every single lemonade stand we drive by.
Just so we can guzzle down that way-too-sour/way-too-sweet/way-too-watered-down {sometimes} cold, yellow drink from heaven.
Even though most kids haven't perfected their drink-making skills, we still adore lemonade stands.
We all know what it feels like to have only 2 people buy lemonade from your own stand, even though you sat out all day long.
In the heat.
With the bugs.
And sticky hands/cheeks/ legs because your brother spilled a cup all over you.
So, kudos to those kids who brave the world and make that sour drink, just so they can buy a new barbie or video game.
And, to all of you oldies, like me...
I dare you to stop at all of the lemonade stands you pass, too.
Because, really, can you not afford $0.25 every once-in-a-while to brighten kid's day?

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  1. Thanks for the awesome reminder that made me laugh right out loud! ha ha


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