happy threemonthday, kemster!


My little baby is three months old today.
She gets more precious every single day.

I still can't believe that I have little girl.
I never get sick of thinking about that!

Recent Developments:
-The car seat is the ultimate torture device, no matter how hard we try to make it "fun" for her.
-She lights up when she sees her parents {and they love it most definitely}, and she follows us with her eyes as we walk around the room.
-She loves to gnaw on her left hand. It was cute, but now she has little raw spots on her fingers.
-She eats like nobody's business. And toots like it, too. Sometimes I think she should have been a boy.
-She almost prefers her bottle cold rather than warm.
-She is starting to reach and grab things. She also kicks and scoots around so she is never in the same position you leave her in.
-She loves to hear herself scream and coo.
-She loves to sit up, whether it is in her Bumbo or on our laps.
-She is getting so close to rolling over...she does it from front to back every once in a while.
-She is growing up waaaaaay too fast for my liking.

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