mady and kemry conquer the pool {or rather, a post with 21 pictures of baby-swimsuit-goodness}


...and by conquer, I mean not really.
...and by pool, I mean hot tub...that was bath temperature.

Kemry and I took a short trip to Twin Falls with Tyrel's mom, grandma, and sister {with her little one, too, of course!}.
Despite the grouchy babies and the icky weather, we had a blast.

The highlight {of course} was the pool.
While Mady  had experienced the pool before, it was little Kemry's first time.
Aaaaaaand she was pretty placid.
But I guess that is better than her screaming.
Mady was so excited to get to the pool all day long but was a little scared when she actually got in.
Talk about one cute little death-grip.


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