south dakota? does that place even exist?


That is the question we asked when my mom took her job here 12 years ago.
This lovely place graced us with snow storms filled with lightning and tornado warnings within the first month of moving here.
And with towns with names like Gayville, you wonder what in the world kind of place this is.

But, seriously, we are absolutely loving our "vacation" in South Dakota.
It has been almost a year since we had been here, so it is good to be back.
We have spent lots of time just hanging out at home with my mom and dad.
Kemry is loving all the attention :)
I was so nervous about how she would do while flying.
Terribly nervous.
But she wasn't too bad.
Minus a blowout within the first 5 minutes of our first flight {from Salt Lake to Denver}.
All over her onesie.
And brand new jeans.

We got to stretch our legs for a little while during our Denver layover.

{Mmmmm. Look at that hottie. Best travel buddie/hubs ever.}
Kemster fell asleep right before we boarded our flight in Denver and slept the whole way to Omaha.
 Mom and dad picked us up at the airport, and we got our Lobsterfest on in Council Bluffs.
At the end of our loooong 3 hour drive back to Yankton, Kemry dediced she was beyond done with traveling.
I have never heard her scream like that.
Luckily, we endured the wailing all the way to our driveway.

The next day, Tyrel got his first experience with Charlie's Pizza.

Once again. Kemry decided that she needed to eat just as we were.

On Thursday, we ventured to Sioux Falls for my doctor's appointment.
Four hours and lots of pain later, we were finally able to go and eat something.
Unfortunately, one of my casts was ruined so we have to make the trip again early Monday morning.
And then again on Friday {to hopefully get the real bridge put in!}.

Friday was my mom's birthday {and my little brother's. Holla, Bryan!}.
We spent the time playing with the baby, running errands, and making cheesecake.
Wait. I made cheesecake.
For the first time.
And it was pretty awesome, I tell you.

Today we were blessed with General Conference.
And this year, we got to watch it from the comfort of my parent's house {thanks to their new set-up with Dish}.
I love this time of year.
Sometimes you need a little booster to keep you going, and that is exactly what the today and tomorrow are for!

Aaaaaaand, here is some cuteness.
You know, to make your weekend better :)

Kemry fell asleep like this on the floor while she listened to Ty playing the piano.

And she is about as graceful when she wakes up as her mother.

Kemry's neck is {and has always been} insanely strong for her age.

She is obsessed with rolling over from her stomach to her back, too.

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