let's play catch-up, shall we?


It has been an embarrassingly long time since I posted last.
Shame on me.
In all reality, it has been CRAZY CRAZY over here.
From hosting our very first Thanksgiving, broken appliances, family visiting, starting a playschool group, a pretty awesome 26th birthday, helping with a couple holiday parties, toddler swimming lessons, baby doctor appointments, Ty wrapping up his semester at school AND working a retail job, Christmas preparation, the T-man still getting up every 3 hours at night, and a vomiting 2-year-old, I have been swamped.
And I just can't seem to recover.
Boy am I tired.
BUT, celebrations and parties went well, the kiddos are healthy, the appliances are fixed {or replaced...thanks, Dishwasher, for breaking on Thanksgiving day...}, activities are finished, and CHRISTMAS is NEXT WEEK!
I have survived {thus far}!
So, let's fill you in surrounding the last month of our lives, starting with this guy:

Four months old, folks.
I can't even wrap my head around it.
We just love him so much and can't imagine a life without him.
We started him on cereal, which went way better than expected.

He is SERIOUSLY the happiest little thing.
He loves attention and demands to be held quite a bit of the time, but once he is your only focus, he gets his ham on :)

He is also HUGE, right?
He is filling out his 6-9 month clothing already. Yikes.
I think his stats were 16.5 pounds (85%), 90% in length, and 70% in head circumference. 
Compare that with Kemry, who has been in the 3%-5% from the time she was born.

He is just lovely.
And he also loves being smothered by his sister.

As for her...

She just finished her first swim class.
She was the only one who ever showed up, but we didn't mind ;)
She was really remarkable, and we couldn't be more proud of her!

She also stepped on a metal cookie cutter last month and sliced open her foot.
It scared me half to death because the cut was super deep, but it healed up just fine.
And she told EVERYONE about it.
Here she is telling Tate about it right after it happened.

She also had the stomach flu earlier this week. 
The only other time she has suffered through it was last March when we were in Arizona.
It was much nicer to have her throwing up at home instead of someone else's things :)
AND this time she knew how to aim for the bowl, so bonus points to her!


She sure keeps us busy.
She is always demanding to wear all pink, wanting her friends to come play, and insists that every day is her birthday {which is one month from today, actually!}.

As for Thanksgiving, Tyrel's sister and her family came up again to spend the holiday.
Kemry and Mady would wake up in the morning and get to playing right away, not even telling us they were awake.
Kemry was so so so disappointed they had to leave!
While they were here, we hopped on the train to downtown Minneapolis and hit up Santaland in Macys.

I think those little girls had a lovely time :)
Thanksgiving came, and I didn't burn the turkey, so all was well.
We did discover a broken dishwasher after dinner, however.
It has since gone to dishwasher heaven as we now have a nice, FUNCTIONING one.
Can I get a hallelujah?

Now we are cooling our jets down and getting ready for Santa to come spoil Kemry out of her mind.
 Christmas has snuck up so quickly this year, but we are so excited to spend it together!
It is such a lovely time to reflect on Christ and envelop yourself with love from your family.
I hope all your shopping is done, your homes are warm, and your soul is cheery :)

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