2013: a year in review


This was my worst year blogging.
Like ever.
I was so inconsistent and unmotivated.
Since this is the only real journal we keep as a family {minus the photobook we print at the end of every year}, I need to do better.
I feel like there is a lot that I dropped the ball on in 2013.
So here is to 2014!
May we all go to the gym more, not eat that entire box of Oreos that were purchased that morning, pay more attention to our kids, let our houses get a little messier without care, chill out about unimportant things, shower daily {oops...}, treat each other better, and give ourselves a little love, too.
{And by we, I mean myself ;) }
But, we still have one whole day of 2013 left.
Let's have a look at our year in our annual review post.


We started off the New Year by flying to Idaho for a late Christmas with Tyrel's family. While there, we got to meet our cute nephews Wyatt and Deklyn for the first time, and Kemry's love for Disney princesses was born.
Later in the month, Kemry turned TWO {!} and got to say sayonara to her crib as she moved to a toddler bed.
 The remainder of the month was spent huddling inside from the cold and recovering from killer morning sickness.

 February brought the most torturous experience of my life: Kemry's trip to the ER where I had to hold her down so they could take blood and run tests {all the while she keps wailing, "Mama! Help me!!"}. Luckily, she bounced back quickly!
Kemry also got cheeky and gave you all some virtual kisses.

The end of February/beginning of March took us to Arizona for Tyrel's brother's wedding. We finally got to meet his sweet lady {we LOVE LOVE LOVE you, Devin!!!} and enjoyed some time in the sun on the side. While there, we also had our first experience with Kermy barfing all night long.
We also got to reveal to you that we had a bun in the oven, Kemry went poop in the potty for the first time {you are welcome}, and we found out that the bun was a boy!
We also found out that month that Tate might have some organ defects, cue worry and stress here.

It finally warmed up enough for us to make our first venture to the park, Tyrel turned 28, and we celebrated Easter with some of Ty's family in town.

Tyrel finished his semester at school, we we made him play with us as much as possible. He didn't mind. He even made a shot at entering the Olympics with swing jumping.
We also began lots of work on our backyard, putting in our garden beds, raspberry bed, strawberry bed, blueberry bed, and asparagus bed. We also planted lots of flowers, dug up lots of rogue ferns, and tilled/seeded about half the lawn. 

Tyrel's sister and her family came out to visit again, so we all hit up Valleyfair together.
Tyrel also got to celebrate his only Father's Day in which he has 1 1/2 kids.
Kemry went back to South Dakota with me and hit up Czech Days with my family.
She also fell in love with the bunnies in our backyard, and I went to a Barry Manilow concert with some of my best friends in the world :)

July was filled with baby prep, so there isn't too much to report. 
We had a laid-back 4th of July with some friends, celebrated our 4 year anniversary, and finally got to hold my sweet friend's new baby after her INSANE labor and delivery.

August was perfect. We finally got to meet our little Tatem Redge. They sang him Happy Birthday after he passed his APGAR tests, and I cried like a baby myself.
Also, Tate got to meet his future wife just before our best friends moved away. Kemry still asks when Harlow can come over to play :)

Tyrel's parents flew out from Idaho to meet our sweet baby boy and play with our crazy toddler girl. 
After they left, my brother and his wife flew out from Washington to do the same thing {which I never blogged about?!?!?!?!?!}. 
We just ate up having all our family here!
Tyrel's paternity leave ended at work, and school started back up for him, officially ending our summer.


Tate stopped sleeping through the night {and is still only doing 3 hours at a time...........}, and we hosted our first Thanksgiving with family and friends.

I turned 26, Tate started eating rice cereal {the chubber}, Kemry caught the stomach flu, Christmas rang throughout our house, and we all reeled the next day with stomach flus of our own.

And that, my friends, was our year.
It was quite an awesome year, especially since our family grew from three to four.
I was pregnant with Kemry in both 2010 and 2011, pregnant with our miscarried baby in 2012, and pregnant with Tate throughout 2013.
I sure love babies, but maybe 2014 will be a good year for my body to take a break ;)

I hope you can take a minute to reflect upon your 2013 and find the hidden gems that you forgot about.
Happy New Years Eve!
Be safe, and see you next year!

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