greetings from a lazy october


Is it really October?

Here is a picture of our front yard exactly one year ago:

And here is the quick shot I just took from our door with my phone:

 So, no. 
In my opinion, it is not October.
We haven't raked any leaves, carved any pumpkins, gone to Trader Joe's to buy cider, or made caramel apples.
And Halloween is next week?!?!
{Guess what I will be working on all weekend long? Costumes, for sure!!}

It is literally the most uneventful time ever around here.
But I will give you a rundown of our lives, anyway.

The Tate-man

This guy is the sweetest.
He is such a tricky, stubborn baby, but when he is happy, oh boy!
He is SO happy!

His biggest piece of news:
We found out from his cardiologist that his heart defects have practically fixed themselves!
There are still a few quirks {a hole, a murmur, etc}, but his chances of being inhibited by his issues are approaching zero.
We are just tickled!

-Hates tummy time and would rather eat the blanket than lift up his head.
-Won't sleep in his crib for longer than an hour or two at a time.
-Won't sleep longer than 3 hours at night {with a rare 4 every once in a while}.
-Growing out of clothing faster than we can buy it for him.
-Shots. Boo.

-He is the smiley-est baby EVER!
-He has practically stopped spitting up, which is great for my hygiene.
-He is eating and growing perfectly.
-It is starting to feel like we had never been without him.

 The Kemster

This kid is so busy.
You have no idea.
From dawn to dusk, she is at a full sprint.
She is super sassy but super sweet {which was exactly how I was at her age...}

-She has mastered talking-back to her parents. Already. Great.
-She only takes naps about one day of the week.
-She jumps, crawls, and runs on everything, thus leading to more "owies" than usual.

-She is absolutely hilarious, regardless of whether she means to be or not.
-She is almost completely potty-trained.
-She loves helping take care of the baby, playing with other kids, and thinks that Daddy is the coolest.

The Hubs and Wife

 The Hubs-

-Work work work. And as the holidays approach, it will only get worse.
-My brother and his wife got the CUTEST puppy ever, so he gets to listen to me talk about how adorable it is, hoping that sometime in the next 20 years he gets the hint  {but no sooner than 5 years...I only want kids right now. No animals, thankyouverymuch.}
-He gets out once a week to play basketball until late at night, is starting to really love his grad program, and gets to cuddle with me {sometimes}.

The Wife-
-The kids constantly test my patience, my head always hurts, and being a mother of two has served me a huge slice of humility.
-I get at least 4 showers a week!
-The baby weight is finally coming off. Everyone says that nursing makes it melt away. My weight has been thawing. In the refrigerator. But at least it is progress!

We are tired to the bone and don't get any time alone, but we are so very happy.
Keep on keepin' on, October!
We are ready for candy, turkey, and ham, in that order, so lets get to it!

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