a quick post on arizona


Arizona killed me in many ways.
I think the biggest was that I really REALLY didn't want to come back to snowy, sun-less Minnesota.
It was so beautiful out, and we almost got tans :)
Poor Kemry took a beating while we were there, too.
First she stubbed her toe which caused her poor little toenail to fall off.
Then, right after we wrapped up the lovely wedding and reception of Jason and Devin, she barfed.
And barfed.
And barfed.
10 times through the night, if I do recall.
It was miserable.
Every kid threw up at one point on the trip, as well as two other adults.

But it was still the greatest time.
Who doesn't love weddings?
I would cry at a complete strangers wedding, for goodness sakes.
We are so so so very happy that Jason got hitched to his sweetheart Devin.
And we kind of like her a lot, so if he treats her badly, we are disowning him and adopting her ;)
He was the last Murri to get married, so it was an extra special family get-together.
Who knows when we will all be back together?
We will soon span through Minnesota, Idaho, Arizona, Nebraska, and Colorado.
We tried to take as many pictures as we could {since I've hardly touched my camera since we got pregnant}, but we also wanted to take a break and relax with great family, too.

I think this is at least the fourth Murri Family picture in the last four years...I guess we keep adding family members too quickly?

Brandon and Kristen had some family shots taken earlier in the week, so we didn't torture them with more :) I did, however, make them take our little family picture for us.
I also found this little outtake, and it made me smile.
I think it depicts us perfectly, especially Tyrel as the handsome, debonair one.


I told you. Adorable.


This depicts EXACTLY how Kemry acted the whole trip...

Do you see what kind of competition it is in this family for the cutest kid?
Cutthroat, I tell you.

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  1. I just LOVE every single one of these pictures!! All those kiddos are growing up so fast. And DANG cute!! I love the whole family picture. So perfect! Love you guys!!


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