this is what relief feels like: a baby update


We have been a little on the quiet side over here.
Not much chit and chat about what curve balls and blessings life has thrown at us.
So here is an update, just for you, all of my favorite people!

Just over a week ago, we went in for our much anticipated ultrasound to find out the baby's gender and to make sure things are growing the way they should.
We found out we were having a boy, and we were over the moon!
After the ultrasound, I had an appointment to meet with my doctor for just the routine stuff.
She seemed happy and talked about all the great things from the ultrasound {good heartbeat, good shot of the "manhood", measuring well, etc}.
"Everything looks great..."
But then she slipped in this word:

In true Tyrel and Vandy Murri fashion, nothing comes terribly easy for us {which we are not complaining about...there are just always big hiccups when we are on the path to a big life event. We had big hiccups with getting married {had to postpone for surgery}, grad school {lots of rejection almost two years in a row}, home buying {goodness, lets not talk about that one}}.

And for my baby-making tally-sheet:
-With Kemry, we had a great pregnancy, but she ended up in the NICU after birth.
-We lost our second baby after a minor round of secondary infertility.
-And with this little boy, we had a single umbilical artery.

In a nutshell, instead of three vessels in the umbilical cord, there are two.
Usually, there is no problem with it, so normally we wouldn't sweat it.
If there is a problem, it usually manifests in the kidneys and the heart.

And, just our luck, they could only find one kidney and couldn't measure the outflows on the heart.
My doctor downplayed it, telling me not to worry, but she did set up a level 2 ultrasound with a specialist, just to be sure.

So, for the past week, we have been stressing out a little.
Babies are born all the time with one kidney.
No big deal.
But the heart?
What if there was something wrong with the heart?
I was a mess.

 Fast forward to today, where we sat super anxiously in the perinatal office, getting ready for 90 minutes of in-depth ultrasound work.

Right away, she confirmed that there was no kidney where one should be on the left side.
Oh, but wait.
There it was.
Tucked in the pelvis.
Functioning and just fine.
{Just not where it should be}.

Baby boy looked adorable, had all his fingers and toes, no cleft lip, and was proudly waving his man-parts for us to see.

She then started to look at the heart, which we knew would take up most of the ultrasound.
But she kept making comments like, 
"I'm just not seeing what I need to see."
"It should be right in here...."
"Hmm. This part right here is confusing me."

Tyrel and I got exceptionally nervous at that point.

And then the doctor came in to give us our results.
-Two kidneys, although the silly one might cause more frequent UTIs/bladder infections/kidney infections {and there is a double collecting system in there, too, just upping those risks as well}.
-Confirmed single uterine artery
-NO heart defects.

Cue huge sigh of relief.

There is some increased thickness to the muscle in one chamber, which could raise the chances of Down Syndrome by 1.5%, but since I am a very low risk for Down Syndrome, she said it shouldn't be a concern.
It won't affect our little champ at all.

So, while he isn't perfect, a few quirks that shouldn't affect the pregnancy or how he lives his life are the worst from today.

We will gladly take 3 tiny abnormalities over a heart problem.

As for the single uterine artery, we now just have to monitor his growth to make sure he keeps adding on the pounds. 
He was measuring a day over now in growth, so we are not worried about it.
I will have these same level 2 ultrasounds at 28 weeks, 34 weeks, and have a quick profile and non-stress test every week from number 32 until baby boy makes his amazing appearance into the world.

Earlier in the pregnancy, we had a little complication with my placenta lying low, which could cause very serious problems toward the end of preganacy/delivery.
We found out that that corrected itself, too.
No {planned} c-sections for this girl ;)

We are so very lucky and feel so very blessed.
It has just been a reminder that although things don't always work out how they "should," they usually work out regardless.

And thanks to you guys, too.
Many of you sensed something was wrong and reached out to us right away.
Y'all are keepers.

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