potty mouth


As of yesterday, we have jumped back on the potty training wagon with Kemry.
This is hard stuff.
But seriously hilarious and kind of cute at the same time.
She really wants to do it, but. like anything, its going to take time.
And we are fine with that.
So far, we have just been spending a few hours out of the day to focus on it and then moving back to regular life.

Although we had zero successes with going #1 in the potty, she did pee in my shoes, and today she peed on our "cuddle" {big fuzzy blanket}, so at least she is aiming at objects?
{But, wait, isn't that for little boys?}
She is really good at telling me she has to go potty, but unfortuately it is after she goes all over her stinking cute itsy-bitsy panties.

Just as I was about to call it a day yesterday, I hear this little voice from the mini-throne...

Mama, what's that? 
What IS that?"

I run back to find a big ole #2, just stinking up her little potty.
So, of course, I dance and sing, feeling like a million bucks because I was just hoping for pee!
{note: this is what motherhood does to a person...dreams of pee and self-esteem boosts from poops}
And she just looks at me like I am a manic.

That is, until I let her pick a big prize.
And then she danced and sang.
{And started getting a little sassy as well.
Princess Kemry is a little more demanding than regular Kemry}.

And now, just for you, since you read a whole post about poop and pee, here are some sweet pictures of my little bossy-pants.
Totally my daughter.
Just ask my parents.

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