10 {+1} things you don't know about me


Our Arizona vacation has come to an end, and we don't know how we feel about it.
Glad to come home from stomach bugs, stubbed toes, and general fatigue.
Terribly sad to be missing family, warm weather {or maybe even just seeing the sun}, and to be back with three new inches of snow from last night.
Regardless, we had a wonderful time, and I have lots of pictures and stories to tell.

I have had this little post typed up for quite some time, so I figured I would share it along with a little picture from Arizona at the end.
You know, until I can get all organized again in this crazy house.

For your enjoyment, here are 10 (+1) things you don't know about me:

1. Although I think they are some of the yummiest foods, I am mildly allergic to avocados, honeydew, and cantaloup.

2. I have lots of bad habits, including swallowing my gum, popping my knuckles, and not washing off my makeup every night.

3. Tyrel and I have hated about 90% of the recipes I have found on Pintrest and made. Maybe we are just hard to impress? I get really picky about recipes I add to my collection of "good ones."

4. Even though I worked in {and was even a manager in} a bookstore, I still haven't read the last two Harry Potter books. Both endings were spoiled for me right after they came out by overenthusiastic readers, and I have never gotten around to reading the whole series again so I can get through the last two.

5. I listen to jazz music when I cook and am convinced that it makes food taste better. I especially love the Ella Fitzgerald Pandora station. It is one of the few that I hardly ever skip songs on.

6. My favorite movie is Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Maybe because it is every kid's {and adult's} dream to set foot in the Chocolate Room. That and I just love a little Gene Wilder.

7. Creme brulee is my favorite food on the face of the earth.

8. Going into college, I chose psychology for my degree right away, knowing for sure I wanted to be a therapist. When I finally got to a counseling class my senior year, however, I realized that I hated it and feared that I had wasted my whole college career. Thankfully, I found my niche in biological and neurological psychology that same year and owe so much to the professor that helped me develop a love for the human brain. I still read books in the subject for my "fun reading."

9. I was the only member of my family not born in April. I married an April-born, too {who has three other family members that also celebrate birthdays in April...that makes 8 people total. Ridiculous}. Luckily, Kemry is January baby so we can share winter birthdays together.

10.  It grosses me out when someone's toenails are longer than their toes. It stems from a major foot phobia growing up. I have just never been able to get over that aspect of it.
{And don't you dare try to touch me with your feet because I will throw up.}

And the +1:

I think we forgot to tell you:

I'm pregnant.



  1. Oh this post just made me cry!! I was hoping the {+1} would be a baby announcement!! Love it and love you guys. Congratulations!! We're just so happy for you guys. And you're the cutest little pregnant gal I ever did see. PS I'm PRAYING some of those crappy recipes you guys try aren't mine!! ha ha

  2. Woohoo! We're so happy for you guys!

  3. Hooray!!!! Congrats :) So happy for you and your little family!

    We're going through the brain in my physiology right now, and it is AWESOME. I love it so, so much.

  4. Congratulations!!! You have a beautiful family, I can't wait to see what comes next. As far as the brain goes- you can keep it. take the heart and lungs as well. HAHA. Thesde have not been my strong points thus far in my college career. I am an OB gal ALL the way. Brain heart and lungs are WAY to far out there in my mind. :) I am glad there are people like you in the world. Enjoy all coming your way. God bless!!

  5. Yay!!! Sooo happy for you guys!!!

  6. Hooray!!!! I've been waiting for you to announce this, I just kept feeling like you would! I'm so excited for you guys!


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