a quick week in idaho


About a two weeks ago, we jumped on a plane and headed back to Idaho Falls for a quick visit.
And boy was it great.
We needed a little vacation.
You know, to rest some bones and tired souls?
While Tyrel and I planned for it to just be our family {thanks to Southwest and their sweet 40% off tickets deal}, two of his siblings and their families were able to make the trip out as well.
It was fun to get together and play games, cuddle babies, talk about babies, wish it could be easier to have babies, and let our manly men go shoot guns {because that is fun, I guess?}.
We had big plans on dropping in on old friends to say hi, but then when you realize you have no car because you came in on an airplane, we didn't get to see hardly a person.
Next time, guys!
I promise!!
It was also insanely cold {which temperatures we apparently brought back to Minnesota with us, golly gee}, so we stayed inside as much as possible.
We caught a few movies, ate lots of food, and laughed like crazy.
It just makes us that much more excited for February/March when we head to Arizona {helllllooooo warm weather!} for Tyrel's brother's wedding.
He was the only one who couldn't make it, and, since he is getting married and all, we have plenty of things to do to him so he feels loved  ;)

 With toddlers throwing up, toddlers having fevers, babies crying, and babies fussing, these are the only pictures I got.
But at least the kids are cute?

Now that we are home and and settled {almost} back into our normal routine, we will hopefully have lots more posts coming your way!!

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