you guys


I am so sorry.
Like super sorry.
I haven't been around the blog like I should.
Talk about a crazy, icky start to the new year.
I haven't even had time to pee yet this year.
I am mom-ed out.
{Don't get me wrong...I still adore mommyhood, but dang.
I think I might pass out soon from exhaustion.}
There are neverending viruses, runny noses, empty milk cups, dirty dishes, old laundry, unvaccumed floors, ouchies to be kissed, time-outs to be dealt with.
And I am pooped.
I hope you can forgive me!

Unfortunatley, all I have to update you on is that the K-bot turned 2 {which I will post about next time}, and we spent some quality family time it the ER at the Children's Hospital earlier this week.
Kemry had a nasty fever/cough combination that just got worse and worse until she pretty much refused to do anything but sleep {I don't think she walked by herself for a full 48 hours?}.
Take her to the clinic, says I.
Take her to the ER, says the clinic.
Keep her here all night, says the ER.
In all reality, however, she did really start to scare all of us {including my  mom who was in town for meetings and kindly dropped by whenever she could to help}.
Zero eating, minimal drinking, and no words other than yes and no.
My poor kiddo.
After a few hours of tests {and feeling like a horrible mother each time Kemry screamed out, "Mommy! Help me!"}, we go the news that we had a bad case of RSV with a possibility on pneumonia.
And her poor little body just couldn't quite keep up.
We got the fluids pumping, some antibiotics administered, and the oxygen going, along with a few nebulizer treatments.
Thankfully, 24 hours later we got to go home.
And now she is {almost} as good as new.

But not the parents, who both now have RSV.
{Which sounds dramatic, but it really is just like a nasty cold in adults}.
We were already so tired from a few sleepless nights coaxing Kemry to take deep breaths and making her practically drink bottles of Motrin.
Now we are so tired from stuffy noses, sore throats, a messy house, work, and a fully energetic toddler who has days worth of wiggles built up.

So, please.
Forgive us for being away!

And, even though Ty and I want to pluck our eyes from our faces and shove forks down our throats, our little girl is still so precious, and we are so thankful that she is healthy again.
And that is all that matters :)

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