baby everly


My bestie is moving away soon.
As in the day after my due date.
AND, to make it worse, she is taking both Kemry's best friend and little boy's future wife with her.
We are trying to squeeze in as much time with them as we can before they move back to the Arizona heat.

I think we were always meant to be friends.
We both went to the same college and worked in the same town in Idaho, she had her first little girl just a few months before I had Kemry, and she even knew a few of Tyrel's cousins.
But WE never knew each other.
Magically, we both end up here in Minnesota, and our little families hit it off right away.
To top it off, she just had her second little baby, and making our number twos just 6 weeks {or fewer} apart in age.
Totally fate, right?

 Look at those swollen pregnant women.
Thanks, swampy humidity.

A few hours after her rather rapid labor/delivery {as in having the baby 11 MINUTES after getting to the hopsital...hooooly....}, we ran over to the hospital to see our future daughter-in-law {because that is already set in stone, duh!}.
And since they have been home, we have been lucky enough to visit a handful of times to start saying hello and goodby at the same time.
I took my camera a few of those times and started sharpening my skills for when my little one comes in sometime in the next few weeks.
{And I am faaaaaaar from a photographer, but if I can take my own kids' baby/toddler photos and save mucho dinero, then I am all over it}.

She is seriously the prettiest little thing.


And I am so jealous of how good Emilynn looks for JUST having a baby. It is ridiculous.

What do you think?
Will she make a good Murri in 20-ish years or so?
Absolutely :)


  1. Whatever, you are really great at taking pictures! :) And that baby is adorable! :)

  2. Look at that baby's gorgeous hair! So jealous! You have talent girl!


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