Happy {Four Year} Anniversary, Tyrel!!!
I am so lucky to have such a great friend, husband, and father in my life!

A brief history of our couple-ship:

-6 years of friendship
-5 years of love
-4 years of marriage
-3 apartment/home rentals, pregnancies, cars owned, times Tyrel has given me flowers {it's a big deal when he does it!!}, number of computers I have gone through
-2 sweet kiddos {we are just going to count the monster in tummy, right?}, different states we have lived in, wedding rings lost by Tyrel, college degrees{soon{ish} to be three!}, times we have raised our voices at each other {one of our two big rules of marriage}
-1 house purchased, year in Minnesota, trip to the emergency room, time Tyrel has convinced me to ride roller coasters, times throwing up in public {my bad}
-0 times Vandy has probably really been 100% right, times gone to bed angry with each other {our other rule of marriage}, times traveled overseas, times Tyrel has let me down,  years I want to live without him
-a billion laughs, tears, giggles, made-up songs, kisses, inside jokes, times asked to scoot over at night and stop hogging the bed, more years to do all these things some more

I sure hope you all have a good day, because we are certainly planning on it!
I woke up to a dozen rozes, crepes, and a toddler already rousted and playing on the floor.
There will be a little shopping, a little appetizer eating, a little World War Z-ing, a little no-Kemry-time-ing, and some cooking and mutilating of some baby back ribs later tonight.

Here's to a billion more years!
{Especially to next year in which we venture to the DOMINICAN REPUBLIC for our anniversary!

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