weddings, mommies, and wicked


And by weddings, I mean wedding.
We were able to drive down to Salt Lake to see my cousin get married.
And it was so beautiful!
She and I are really close in age, so we were practically inseparable when we were little.
I am so happy for her!
I only got a few photos, unfortuantely.
It was snowing out, and we had to stick inside as much as possible to keep the little Kemdiddlediddle warm, thus slowing my trigger finger.
Here are some lovely pictures of Nicole {that I did not take {but thanks to the extended family I stole them from!}}

We did manage to snap a few shots of our own, though.

Kemry was a little zonked out while we walked around.
She loves cuddling with daddy.
Oh Mother's Day.
It was special in its own way...
But I made mine terrible on my own.
Let's just say that Mother's Day made me realize how much I really wanted to stay at home with my baby instead of work all day.
Every day.
Other than my self-induced sadness and an icky tummy-ache that I couldn't shake, Mother's Day was great.
And Kemry was adorable.

Tyrel and I couldn't help but take this next picture...


This past weekend featured a trip to Boise to {finally} see Wicked.
There is no need to talk about the show because it was amazing.
Even the boys liked it.

Kemry did a lot of this....

And this...

And this....
Oh wait.
That would be screaming.
I was too aggravated to take a picture of her practicing her banshee-impression. 
Overall, however, she did pretty well.

We made a stop at Shoshone Falls to stretch....

...and eventually made our way to the hotel...
...saw the show...
...took Kemarama swimming...
...shopped and ate...
...and made the long drive back home...

Now I am spending my last day off for this week tending to a ridiculously grouchy baby.
But she is still a cute, ridiculously grouchy baby.
And she is aaaaaaallllllllll daddy's tonight.

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