12 moments of christmas


Tyrel and I never see each other.
We work opposite shifts
which is great
since we can spend time more time with Kemry...
but it means that we are pretty much single-parents most of the time.

This Christmas we decided we would join {quite a few in} the married world
and go on 12 dates for Christmas.

And then we laughed.
What are those?

We decided to have 12 "moments" of Christmas
{most with baby, of course}.

Our first "moment" was making some frozen hot chocolate
{which I don't know what we were thinking...
pretty sure we are number 18 on this list}
and catching-up on all of the junk on our DVR.

Mine was superior to Tyrel's, however.
{thank you very much, dear candy cane}

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  1. Cute! I love a good cup of cocoa! :) And seriously...what is a date anymore?


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