the thing about birthdays...

12.09.2011 that I love them.
Especially other peoples.

But mine is okay, too :)

We spent all day today doing things that 24-year-olds are supposed to do (?)

{1} Breakfast at Smitty's
{2} Thrift shopping, although this bunny did not make it home with us
{3} Flowers from my darling parents
{4} Cuddle time with my two loves
{5} Dinner at Stockman's {yummmm}
{6} Chilly decorations at Snake River Landing
{7} 15th Edition Settlers of Catan? {duh}
{8} Cake Batter Ice Cream Cake {a la Coldstone and much begging}

The Kemster was wonderful all day.
She even slept in!
How kind!

We also woke up to balloons and banners {courtesy of my brother and his darling wife}, hit up the mall {twice}, scored some freebies, and chatted with the in-laws.

It was crammed full of awesomeness.
It might have been my favorite birthday ever.
That is saying a lot.
Because I have had some swanky birthdays {getting kidnapped and thrown in the trunk of a car, being crooned to by an amazing impromptu acting group, etc}.
This birthday was actually supposed to be spent at a Boston Celtics game in Utah {as they would have naturally taken down the Jazz}, but we all know that that didn't happen due to the biggest party of butchman-egos known to mankind.

But this one was quaint.
And quiet.
But so packed-full of happiness that it might just top all others.
A whole day with my husband  and baby!
Lovely, I tell you!

PLUS, yesterday, Tyrel sealed the deal on a mega-awesome sale at work that will certainly make for a very Merry Christmas for our cute-as-a-button family.
AND my parentals are prepping for a trip out this direction to spend the week-and-a-half leading up to Christmas with us.
Which is the best thing ever, since seeing my parents only twice-a-year gets a little hard on my sad little heart.

Birthdays rock.


  1. Was that a bunny? I'm really glad that didn't make it home. And the Jazz-Celtics game would have been great, but I got my NBA fix elsewhere, and I got to spend all day with you. I loved your birthday... :)

  2. Um, we loved your birthday too.... even though we really only really got to spend a little bit of time with you and watch kemry get balloons stuck to her face. :)


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