This poor, neglected blog.
Sometimes I think I should just put the old girl to rest, but I don't think I quite want to part with my space here yet.
I've just be flat out swamped, yo.
I've been taking lots of photos, giving lots of baths, and having some commitment almost every single day for the last who-knows-how-long.
Summer is almost over, so I should enjoy the craziness before we have to hibernate in a few months, but wowza!


Kemry: We have started visiting dance studios so she can start classes next month, and she has been over the moon. She never wants to leave and always asks when we get to go back. She'll certainly be a natural ;)

Tate: Dude turned one, and I'm both heartbroken/overjoyed. I miss the baby stage already, but I think the one-year-old stage is my favorite. He is so hilarious, so cuddly, and so smart already.

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