anatomy of a birthday


I did it.
I turned a quarter of a century.
And I did it with one single bone-breaking incident, 17 years of schooling, and plenty of teasing from my brothers.
As much as I loved the first 21-ish years of my life, the last 4 have been the greatest.
I met a cocky boy that I did not like one bit, married him {once I realized he wasn't that bad}, and had the cutest little bundle of joy on the face of the earth.

This birthday was more eventful than planned.
Tyrel was scheduled to work, so I was just going to hang out in my PJs all afternoon and eat all the sweets I could get my hands on.
But then my crazy parents drove up to surprise me {best surprise ever, mind you!!}.
And then Kemry got sick, which meant endless cuddles.
And then it snowed a bazillion inches, and we almost died coming home from Church.
But then Tyrel got off after an hour of work due to said snow.

My quiet day alone turned into mass chaos, and I was so excited about it!

I tried to take pictures, but these next three explain why I only got a handful shot:

It breaks your heart, doesn't it?
I think I only saw her awake on my birthday for 3 hours when all was said and done?
 I did get to sleep on an inflatable mattress in her room for two nights.
She wouldn't let me put her down.
But I am always looking for reasons to cuddle, especially sleep-cuddle, so I didn't mind.
Besides, that way I didn't have to get out of "bed" to put more Vicks on her feet and make her drink some water.

I usually make Tyrel go buy me a Coldstone ice cream cake for my birthday,
{because it is no fun making your own}
 but my momsie had one all ready for me.
It was the loveliest thing ever.

I wish you could have tasted how amazing it was!
If I could send you a piece wirelessly, I probably wouldn't do it.
I don't want to share.

We all snuggled in to take refuge from the huge mounds of snow forming outside.
We ate too many cookies, watched not enough Christmas movies, and even snuck in a video chat with my siblings to close out the night.

I hope you all have birthdays as wonderful as mine always are!

{PS. Look at that facial hair. Can you see it? Barely? Well, it is there. And it is gross {sorry Ty}. Maybe for my 108th birthday the Murri boys WON'T grow Christmas animals on their faces}.


  1. Your mom's cake is super cute! I'm so sad we didn't get to spend your birthday with you this year. I miss having you guys close. :)

  2. Animals? I don't know what you are talking about. And for the record, I can't wait to shave it either. I just have to make it until Christmas. You know, cause its manly, and all.

  3. Sounds like you had a good Thanksgiving, Vandy! I hope that Kemry is feeling better! I can't believe she's almost 2 already! Time flies! (: And that b-day cake is adorable! Love the snowflakes on it!


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