here is our christmas post, thankyouverymuch


We had quite a lovely Christmas.
The last few have been kind of crazy for us, so it was due time for a little quieter one.
{2010: We drove through a snow storm on Christmas Eve to surprise my family at my Grandma's on Christmas Day. Peachy and all...except I was PREG-NAAANT! Like huge, guys.
2011: We were able to celebrate with both the Murri and Borders clans, drove past a murder scene on the way to church that morning, and decided to start trying for baby #2.}

This year, we drove down to my parent's house in South Dakota on Christmas Eve and stayed for two days or so.
I hadn't had a Christmas in my house in 5-6 years, so I was all giddy like a kid again.
We had such a great time, and it was nice to do something a little more low-key.
I am disappointing, however, that I hardly took any pictures.
We were all too busy Kemry-wrangling.
She made BANK, folks.
She got so much new, fun stuff that she had no idea what to do.
So she pretty much went crazy.
She finally conked out, so we were all able to squeeze in some nice snoozes, too.
Over the next day or so, we just ate food, watched Kemry play with Belle, and enjoyed our time together.
I hope your holiday was as wonderful as ours!!!

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