naughty and nice


Kemry has been naughty.
Lately, she has been more than naughty.
We put her in time out more and more each day
{and I don't think it is working, but I guess consistency is the thing?}.

My husband, though, has been nice.
Terribly nice.
Nice enough that, as I was DYING with the cold/sinus war of 2012, he would comfort Kemry when she woke up 2 times a night {for 2 weeks now?}, screaming bloody murder.
And then get up and work a loooooooong day the next morning.

While it seems that Santa brought night terrors, separation anxiety, and major tantrums as Kemry's early Christmas gifts, he also dropped off some extra kindess and love for my husband to scoop up.
{But let's be honest...Tyrel is really always that nice and kind to me}.

Every day, when I am about to cry and quit my job as a mom {mentally}, I look at that sweet little toddler and realize that I am so lucky.
So so lucky.

Who cares if I am getting less sleep than when she was a baby?
Who cares if my walls are covered in crayon?
Who cares if she still thinks the toilet is the most fun toy in the world?

I am so so lucky to have the best partner to switch off sleep with.
To get out the Magic Erasers for the umpteenth time with.
To mop up the water with.

And with recent, heartbreaking events scattering the news daily, I am so grateful to be so lucky.
 I hope you all are, too :)

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