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Tyrel texted me from work today.
He had the joy of listening to all of his coworkers tell him that babies are worthless.
Babies are worthless.
Of course, it made him a little frustrated and upset.
But you should have seen what it did to me.
I texted back some really rude things in regards to those coworkers.
I just ate at me, and I thought about it all day long.

Later, as I was listening to music, Jamie Cullum popped up on my iTunes.
Oh I love me some Jamie Cullum!
And then these lyrics played through my little, weak speakers:

"Your world is nothing more 
than all the tiny things 
you left behind."

There are many people {perhaps some of you even} that think I am crazy for getting married so young.
And even more-so that I had a baby this young.
By choice, especially.

But that is just it.
It was my choice.

Maybe once all of those nay-sayers have kids, they will understand. 

I think that little lyric snippitt sums it all up quite well.
I already ave one amazing thing to make my world worth something.

{Also, here is the song, just in case you need a little loveliness tonight.}

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  1. I believe you and I could share a very lengthy conversation on this topic. I can *completely* relate!! If you ever need to vent you know who you can come to ;)



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