tate's first riverboat days {in which we realizied we missed summer 2013 completely}


A few weeks ago on our daily family walk, we discovered some crunchy leaves on the ground.
It made us pause and think, "Wait. Aren't we still waiting for summer to come?"
And then we realized it.
We had missed summer.
The whole dang thing.
I was cooped up inside with a huge preggo belly and a crazy toddler while Tyrel worked worked worked and built up vacation time to use when Tate came.
I think the extent of our summerness was coloring with some sidewalk chalk and mandatory lawn-mowing.
We decided to squeeze as much summer as we could once Tate was born, just so we didn't waste our time together, especially since Ty is in school during summer next year.

We unfortunately had to say goodbye to some of our greatest friends, which bummed us out completely.
Luckily, we had Tate just in time to introduce him to everyone.
Poor Kemry still asks every other day to go play at Harlow's house.
I guess that just means we will have to fly to Arizona come wintertime, just to say hi!

 These next few pictures just kill me. 
Look at that man.
How would I NOT want to have his babies??!?!!?!

Future husband and wife

Since we live in the state of 10,000 lakes, we figured that we were terrible people if we didn't take advantage of the beach.
The only time we had made it out earlier in the summer was on a rainy, cold, yucky day for a church activity.
We stayed for the food then dashed, true to Vandy form.

Luckily, we had plenty of hot days left in the forecast, a number of them spent with our toes in the sand.


Somewhere in there, when Tate was just over a week old, we decided to go back to Yankton for Riverboat Days.
We met up with a handful of friends but mainly spent time with my family.
While Tate's first Riverboat Days went a lot like this: we celebrated for him.

Yes. The theme was Comic Book Heros. And this float depicted Jesus chatting with Captain America, Spiderman, and the Hulk. Hands down the best float of the whole summer ;)

And that essentially wraps up our summer.
Tyrel's parents fly in tomorrow to spend 10 whole days with us, and WE ARE BEYOND EXCITED!
{which also means that my bathroom is super clean now, and I LOVE it...because, really, do you ever CLEAN CLEAN your bathroom until you have company coming? Nope.}
 It will be a nice bid farewell to the warm weather and a good way to usher in the beginning of the fall crispiness, I think :)

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