Sickness has once again plagued the Murri family.
But, alas, we have conquered it and are back to our normal shenanigans.
It is rare that we all get sick with the same thing, but when it happens, life stops.
It was the nastiest bug I have had in a long time, so don't get it yourself!
Say no to germs!

Unrelated- Happy first day of Fall! 
It's my favorite season!
I think I am going to eat a billion pumpkin chocolate chip cookies to celebrate :)

Tate: You can currently find him walking around saying "owie!" and "uh-oh!" nonstop as well as flashing the touchdown arm sign. It makes his daddy mighty proud :)

Kemry: This one has developed a serious attitude since being sick. It's like the teenage years have come far too early. Any advice on how to get my sweet little girl back would be appreciated! On a good note, she has started to master the somersault {which is a huge deal for a girl who is terrified of being upside-down}. She is also trying to squeeze in as many dirt birthday cakes as possible before the weather gets too cold.

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