kemry's first murri family reunion: saturday


Let's see.
More food.
More chatting.
More games.
And, of course, more ring toss.
The finals, acutally.

Rockin' Grandpa's hat...

...and licorice all over the face.

Brycen was desperate to play, too.

Tyrel calls this his walk-away. No cockiness.

But still oh-so-humble.

Tyrel didn't win. But he at least came in third.

And that was Murripalozza 2011...briefly told in pictures.

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  1. I just typed a whole big comment and I don't know where it went, so sorry if you're getting a second one! Anyway, I love all these pictures! They look so good! I need to post some of my 800+ that I took. ha ha I'm so ridiculous. We need to get together and talk camera/edits/poses/lenses/whatever else camera!


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