calling all moms...


We finally ordered the Kembot's high chair, which should be arriving tomorrow.
I am way excited.

Well, I was excited.

Mainly because Kemry recently refuses to eat solids.
At all.

She used to love to eat from a spoon (especially bananas), but we can't get her to crack that mouth of hers even one smidge when we try and feed her.
And it isn't that she doesn't enjoy the food...
When she does get some in her mouth, she doesn't gag or get all sour-pussed (which, for the record, she kept crying unless we gave her more of that pickle..she loved it).
We have tried making our own (which was the plan to begin with) and have even tried premade junk.
And the spoons are super soft tipped, so I don't think it is them, either?

So, fellow moms (and big sisters, and aunts, and etc.)
Any advice?


  1. has she pooped recently? is she getting any teeth? Have a fever at all?

  2. Sometimes you just need to back off for a few days/weeks.

    I'd give her a spoon to play with (those plastic ones with the 'donut' easy-grab handle would be great) and just let her sit and play with it. Maybe she would get comfortable playing with it, then you can sneak some food onto it :o)

    Will she eat foods you offer her that are not on a spoon?

  3. She will eat food that isn't on the spoon. She really likes to eat things off of our fingers.


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