teething woes


This picture pretty much sums it up.

I am almost certain that Kemry has been teething for the past 6 months.
One day her gums were swollen.
The next day, they looked fine.
6 months of whining.

But it has been at its worst this week.
We have one top one all the way through, now just working its way down, while one of the bottom is half-way out and top number two is just making an appearance.
Three in one week?
And since they come in pairs, that means number four to follow soon?
Poor little babycakes.
Friday night she woke up at 8, 10, 12, and 3.
Last night, she stirred at 10 and 4.
To top it all off, both Tyrel and I have had the worst head colds {which the Kembot has started to get, too}.

What a week!
Oh the pains of life!
Red, swolllen gums.
Diaper rash.
Cracked lips.
Baby acne.
Baggy eyelids.
No sleep.

But I suppose we have survived {so far, at least}.
And what has helped us?

 Teething Tablets

 Verdict: No. It was a pain to get them in her mouth, and we saw no effects from them.
Baby Orajel

Verdict: Yes! Oh goodness YES! Instant relief. Wonderful. Hallelujah!
Baby Tylenol

Verdict: Yes...I think? It seemed to help her, and she loved the taste...
Teething Rings

Verdict: Nope. Bummer. Cold or not, she just wanted to throw them around.

Verdict: Duh. Awesome.

Verdict: Who knows. Like we ever get any anyway.


Verdict: Yes, indeedie. I now have a favorite episode and everything {don't judge}.

Baby Baths

Verdict: Winner! Cha-ching! They were best, though, if mommy or daddy put on their bathing suits and got in with you!
Baby Carrots

Verdict: Probably the second-best thing on this list. They are hard and she likes the taste. She could gnaw on these suckers all day long.
{The third-runner-up would have to be a pack of Twizzlers, but we will just pretend I don't give my baby junk food...or pop...}.

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