why i am excited for christmas {2}


Yesterday we put all the decorations out.
{AND Kemry watched How the Grinch Stole Christmas for the first time.}
It might qualify as one of my favorite moments of the whole year.

And while we thought Kemry would be scared of the tree, she couldn't stop waving her arms, clapping, and smiling when she saw it.

Now it is her favorite place to play.
I can't believe that last year at this time, I just kept repeating, "It's my birthday, then Christmas, then...BABY COMES!"



  1. Everything looks so cute!! How fun! You're going to love having a little one during Christmas. Brycen was so fun on Christmas morning. It's just never the same after you have kiddos!

  2. I should say that everything looks so pretty and fabulous, not cute ha ha. But cute stockings!! Love them!

  3. Oh I can't wait for Tayen's first Christmas!! Yes your decor does look in fact fabulous :) You know what is funny? Last year when you were repeating those things, I'm repeating those things this year! October birthday, Christmas, and then baby comes!! The difference however, is all of my fun things are much more spread out ha ha. But I still think its fun! You guys will have hayday with Kemry this year. Yay! Love the Christmas season!


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