happy birthday, kemry!


I am officially the mother of a toddler.
I can only guess what is in-store!
We opened some of her presents this morning-- I have never seen her quite so hyper!
Her favorite was the singing Winnie-the-Pooh card from my parents {who send their best wishes from snowy South Dakota}. She kept opening it and dancing like crazy.
Later tonight we will have a little party with the family in the area, just so Kemry can eat one more sweet treat.
Thankfully, it is just a cupcake this time.

{We actually did two cake smashes...but all of the photos from the first one were corrupt...with no way to retrieve them...and I cried.
I had so many great pictures {with her looking at me!!}, but we just sucked it up and did another one.
Lucky baby.}

Happy birthday, my little one!

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