kemry's first zoo-outing


This past weekend was very much anticipated.
We needed a time off.
Time to spend as a little family.
And while 2 days hardly counts as a vacation, it was a nice refresher.
After all, we have to hold out until the end of June for a real vacation anyway, so this had to do. 

We loaded up our car and headed to Utah so Tyrel could attend his {probably} last mission reunion.
And to swim in the hotel pool {which was far too cold and just made Kemry cry... to which the remedy was to fill up the bathtub back in our room and have our own pool party. All three of us in our swimming suits, squished in that tiny tub. What you do for the baby's sake, right?}
And to eat lots of burgers and ice cream.

And to take Kemry to Hogle Zoo.
We got there early {due to both lack of sleep at the hotel and a desire to beat the crowd}, and it only took us an hour to walk the whole thing.
An hour.
I certainly remember spending a lot more time than that wandering around when I was little.

{But that might be due to the fact that my little brother dropped his binki in the gorilla pit when he was tiny...and proceeded to watch those muscular primates smash it to bits. Hours of crying ensued.}

It was a fun little time, though!
Kemry sure enjoyed herself.
She like blowing kisses to the cats and saying hi to the giraffe.
Most of the animals got pretty close since we were some of the few there that early.

I guess it is just a warm-up for when we hit this monster of a place in June!

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