sickly {3}


Look at those under-eye bags. Poor sickly!

Kemry doesn't really get sick often.
But when she does get sick, she gets siiiiiiiiiiiick.
This past week has been full of green snot, harsh coughs, soaring temperatures, and lots of tears.
Tears from both baby and mommy since I managed to catch this same bug from Kemry.
It is true that mommies never get sick days.
All I want to do is drink an entire bottle of NyQuil and sleep
{a statement that I actually now recant due to the NyQuil hangover I am now experiencing.}
We finally broke down and took Kemry to the doctor so she could get some meds.
She is finally starting to act like herself again, which is great.
But I am still a walking snot/cough/sneeze/tissue machine.
I am so lucky to have an amazing husband who helps tame the wild Kemrybeast when I am not at my best. 
He is especially a saint because I am the only person she wants when she is sick, so much of his time is spent holding a full-blown tantrum.

Kemry has been a trooper, too.
She {as you see in the picture} knows what to do with the thermometer.
She also likes to carry her {closed} medicine bottles around, tapping the lids with a syringe and putting it in her mouth, just like mommy gives it to her.
She is even starting to catch on how to blow her nose into the tissue and that Vicks solves everything.
Alas, as much as sickness is the worst, it is kinda the best.
I love all of those cuddles.

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