lots of hugs and kisses to you all


We cannot say thank you enough to everyone for all of your kind words and prayers over the past few days.
We were overwhelmed with love, and we can't let you know our appreciation enough.
My body is almost at 100%, and our spirits are creeping closer to fullness as well.

In an attempt to start life back on its normal track, we have been doing lots of boring, normal things.
Luckily, we are inches away from closing on our home, provided the last-minute details work out, which means no more 5-hour gaps between our little family and Tyrel!
Kemry has been loving the heat {and grass!}, so we have spent lots of time in her inflatable pool.
Boy, she makes life worth it :)


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  2. I sure do love my way-too-cute-to-not-miss-her-adorableness niece! Good Luck on the house! We are still praying for you guys. :)

  3. You two are such wonderful people- I may not have known your for very long, but you guys are so great. Hope life gets better and good luck with all the great things happening! And Kemry looks like a PERFECT mix of you two. So adorable!!

    1. Thanks, Amy! We pretty much adore you two as well! And your boys just kill me. Seriously, the cutest!

  4. Such a nice post Vandy :) And Kemry is a dolly!

  5. July is half over Vandy. Please come back to post. I miss you.


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