after a two-week hiatus...


...we are back at blogging.
And what a crazy two-weeks we have had.
To make a tremendosly long {and insanely boring} story short, we finally bought our first home.
The whole experience was awful, but we survived and now have a little place to call our own.
We have had lots and lots of requests for pictures, but, unfortunatly, I don't have any to post yet.
{Let's be honest...we have been in our home for a week and I still have yet to finish unpacking.
That shouldn't surprise any of you.}

We thought we would just pop in and let you know that all is well.
After one of the worst months in the history of mankind, we are finally able to start out again with solid ground beneath our feet, and we sure couldn't be happier.
{And another huge thank you is due. We are still getting overwhelming support in regards to this post, and we couldn't be more blessed to have such amazing people {some we know, others we don't} reaching out to us.}

Here are a few photos to tide y'all over until next time, you fancy people!

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  1. YAY!!! Welcome Back Vandy! I missed you terribly and kept hoping, praying you'd come back :) So happy you're all in your new home too!!! By the way, help me remember this or not... Were you in the MUSIC MAN with me at the Dakota Theatre in 2003?? Andy H. was our director?? I played a Pick-a-Little Lady ... I thought you were but I haven't always been right you see... but I still will forever remember you in that Dr. Seuss show! You were an amazing blue bird!!!!


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