a wintry/christmasy bunch of photos


Kemry is ON ONE today.
Holy cow.
Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed.
She doesn't have days like this very often, but when she does, the whole world about falls apart.
Luckily, the babester is snoozing, and the monster is watching cartoons, so I have a brief moment to myself.
Every January, we make a Family Yearbook for the previous year.
We order our books through My Publisher, and I seriously die every day until it comes in the mail.
We just adore these silly books. 
They might be Kemry's favorite bunch of items in our whole house.
You download their free software and add your photos gradually until your book is full.
Today I hopped on to finish ours up and realized that I had some extra pictures from last month that hadnt made it to the blog.
Some snowy fun, some cabin fever, and some Christmas {before the stomach flu overtook our home}.
So, here.
Also, please note that an 11-month-old Kemry wore the same jammies for her first Christmas as the {at the time} not-even-five-month-old-Tate did for his first Christmas.

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