kemry elle turns three


Three years old. 
I swear every year goes faster than the last.
We tried to make this birthday extra special for Kemry since she lost her only-childhoodness when Tate came along, and she has been such a great helper and big sister.
We blew up balloons, hung up streamers, dangled shiny swirls from the ceiling, and wrapped up some sweet little gifts for her as she slumbered the night before.
I woke up early on her birthday and ran to get her favorite donuts before she stirred.
When we heard her wake up, we ran into her room and asked her what day it was.
She sat there, put her finger on her chin {this is what she does when she thinks about something}, and paused for a moment.
And then it hit her.
It was her birthday!
She jumped out of bed and was so excited to see all the decorations that she didn't even notice her presents.
We eventually pulled her in, opened gifts, played with her new toys, and ate breakfast.


Then we took her to the Mall just like last year, just so she could go on her favorite rides.
We also grabbed some lunch at the Rainforest Cafe because she always talks about the monkeys that come to life inside.

Our last stop was to the Disney Store while Daddy ran a quick errand.
We had a few gift cards from forever ago, so she got to pick out a plush Rapunzel and carry it by the hand the rest of the way through the Mall.
We sang happy birthday and ate cake before Daddy had to go to class, and then we cuddled until bedtime.
It was the sweetest day ever, and she felt so special all day.




I love you, Kemry girl!
You are so sweet, and you mean the world to us!

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