Kemry: We have finally risen from despair with the 40 degree weather we had this week! In the next ten days, we only have one with a high in the twenties, so I am whipping out all sorts of hallelujahs at this point. Kemry has been in HEAVEN with all the puddles everywhere. We are so glad winter is on its way OUT! {Sidenote- all my social media blew up yesterday with so many pregnancy announcements! Congrats to all of you! Hibernating this winter must not have been too miserable ;) }

Tate: This sweet guy has officially moved into Kemry's room. He is still getting up once a night, but Kemry seems to sleep right through it, bless that child. We still usually find one of them in our bed come morning, but they are so gosh darn cute that we don't mind.

How are you guys?
Thawing out?
We still have a good foot of snow on our property, but we can almost see the garden beds!
It's coming!

*Also, congrats to my father-in-law for retiring this week! You guys are free to move into Kemry's bedroom, too. But you have to cuddle with Tyrel if you get scared at night ;)

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