kemry's first trip to feed the ducks...and life as of late


I got to spend the whole day yesterday with my sweet Kemster.
I wish every day could be like that.
We went with Lyle and Melissa to the Greenbelt and decided to feed the ducks.
Kemry loved them.
Well, I think she did.
She kept panting (which is what she now does when she is excited) and yelling (which she does all the time, regardless of her mood) at the ducks...The yelling was the best part, I think!

Here are some pictures of our day out.


And as of late...
nothing has happened.
Thus, no blogging has been going on.
Our little Kemry is crawling, though!
{even though it is still on her belly...}
And she eats Puffs like it is no one's business.
I also have a video to post of her showing all her "tricks" {as if she were a dog}.
She likes to wave, pretend she is an ape and pound her chest, fake cough, give "fives", and dance.
Oh dance dance dance.

Oh. And she also likes to talk on the phone.
Just like her mommy and daddy :)

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