kemry's magic mirror


Kemry has this little plastic toy mirror that she loves to play with.
She hits it on her head, licks it, and rubs her nose on it.
Life couldn't get better.
Since it is a cheapy kiddie mirror, it has become a little warped.

Today Kemry was toting it around everywhere we went in the house.
So I snapped a few pictures.
And laughed my butt off.
Remember when you first played around with Photobooth on the Mac?
And it was hillarious?
I still think stuff like this is funny {and maybe need to mature a little...
but I will save the growing up for later}.

Have a good day!

1 comment:

  1. So cute! I still think that stuff is hilarious too. I just posted a couple pictures of Brycen and I on Photo Booth ha ha!


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