We have had an under-the-weather baby this week.
And it was no fun.
We put Kemry to bed on Wednesday night, in the height of the most grumpiness I have ever seen.

She just need a good night's sleep.
I was sure of it.
And a good night's sleep she got.
She usually wakes up between 6 and 7.
Thursday morning came, however, and I had to go in and wake her up myself at 8:30.
She seemed a little out of it, and you could tell she just rotten.
Tyrel buzzed off to work, and I got a bottle ready for my ickly one.
We went downstairs to cuddle and watch cartoons as she drank her bottle.
After she drank it all, she just lied there, all spralled on my lap.
If you know Kemry, she always wants to be going goning going.
No crawling. Just walking.
After just lying for a while, I sat her up...
Where she just zoned out, cuddling with my arm.

And then it came.
Heaves and heaves and heaves worth of baby barf.
All over me. And her. And her blanket. And my blanket.
I bundled her up and ran into the bathroom.
 I plunked her into the tub (where she thought she was getting a bath and got all kinds of excited) and stripped her down to her skivvies (oh those sexy Pampers!).
She acted a little better but was running a fever and wasn't drinking anything.
Tyrel came home early from work and took care of her since I had to close the store that night.
When I got home after work at 10:45, she started crying so we got her a bottle.
She was all kinds of perky...
Until it came again.
Once again, all over me.

Tyrel has yet to be barfed on.
I can't believe that.

After a few days of barfing, fussiness, crying, the-other-end-ing, I think we have our baby back to normal.
I have learned a few things:

1. She prefers me to rock her to sleep and hold her while she snoozes, but she loves when Tyrel puts her in her crib with her blanket. She freaks when I do.

2. Pedialyte = eww. No wonder Kemster hates it.

3. Water = YUMMMM. Why water? Who knows.

4: Baby puke stains your dry-clean only comforter.

5. She really likes to have her temperature taken. I guess it is because we take it through the ear in our house...none of that armpit or butt stuff.

6. Kemry realized that puking means baths and cuddling. She gets whatever she wants. I am slightly concerned that she will get "sick" every week now.

7. No matter how hard you try to contain the baby-runs, they will {always} end up all over the car seat, you own pants, and, of course, all the way up their backs.

8. Tyrel thinks he is all cool that he hasn't been puked on. For this reason, when Kemry wakes up at 6 wanting a bottle, I bring her back to bed, placing her in between Tyrel and I. She likes to play with Tyrel's nose before falling back asleep, so every time she is facing him and coughs/gags, Tyrel bursts from half-sleep and  moves like a madman to block his face from impending projectile puke {which never came but was hilarious to watch}.
9. No matter what, you feel like the most helpless, worthless mommy.

10. It is all kind of worth it, though. Especially when she crawls over to you just to put her head in you lap.

Just got puked on again.
Not Tyrel.
At least she acts happy, right?


  1. So sad!!!! Tyrel needs some sick baby love too, how is he lucking out?

  2. well that sounds so fun... Just so you know whenever mady has been sick and has been throwing up john has never been there so john has never been puked on or had to clean up puke. It is just not fair huh?! :) i hope she gets better for her sake and your sake :)


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