Kemry: This squirt loves all things "holiday." She has been sitting by the window all day saying, "Bunny Easter! Where are you? Please come to my house!" She has also been requesting to go to bed all evening so far, just because when she wakes up, she knows that there will be candy evvvvvverywhere. Smart girl, that one.
Tate: So serious, yet so happy at the same time. Also, we are finally having successes with him sleeping through the night! Holla!

Side note: Mamas- I need some help. Tyrel and I will be leaving the kids for 10 days next month, and as much as I don't want to stop nursing just yet, I don't really want to have to pump every few hours on our Caribbean vacation. How in the world do we start this weaning business? I didn't nurse the Kemster longer than a month due to lots and lots of mastitis, so I am beyond lost. Little man still doesn't like bottles, either, but has been taking a few ounces here or there. Any help is appreciated!!!

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