a last-minute snowday


While Tyrel's parents were here about two weeks ago, the Midwest showed her best and decided that she would gladly accept 8 inches of snow in our little town.
This has been the longest winter ever.
To top it off, we keep seeing little flurries outside as we walk by our windows today.
I am about ready to throw in the towel.
The only thing that made that last storm bearable is that it was warm enough for Kemry to actually play in it, as opposed to the negative bajillion degree temperatures we suffered through the past four months.
I need more sunshine, stat.
I woke up with a headache today {despite Tate sleeping in the nursery ALL NIGHT with ZERO crying!}, and Kemry has had two timeouts already {to put this in perspective- she usually gets only one a month, blessed child, so we maxed out our quota by noon today...}.
Every loud toy was found, and every annoying screeching sound was made.
If spring doesn't make itself a permanent resident in Minnesota soon, my brain is going to fry.
My freckles are dying, Mother Nature!!!
Please! Sooooon!

See also: the world's cutest snow kangaroo.

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