We're baaaaaack!
Last weeks post is late because the hubs y yo were vacationing it up in the Dominican Republic for 10 days.
It was so much fun, and although we are very glad to be home, we are finding it hard not to greet and thank people in Spanish.
Courtesy of my mom and dad, here are the pictures of the children for week 22 of this year, both from the long trek to Grandma and Grandpa's house.

Tate: Dude got two teeth while we were gone, and is almost crawling. Heck, he is almost walking. Also, he had no interest in nursing when we got home, but alas, we have finally grown accustomed to each other again, and we are back on the bonding wagon.

Kemry: has atttitude. Sweetness, yes, but SASS. While we thought my parents would have their hands full with Tate only, she certainly proved that she could be just as big of a bugger those last few days. We still love her, though ;)

I'll be back soon with a post concerning paradise.
I think we are already ready to go back.

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