The Dominican Repubic, Part Two: Zippity-blue-dah


Part Two!
Whip out the popcorn!
I think this is the modern-age way to make your friends sit through slides of your vacations, right?
You're all pretty great friends, did you know that?
What should I show you next? 
How about Scape Park.
This might contain the coolest stuff we did while on vacation.
First up, ziplining.
Now, if you know me, I have chilled out considerable since high school and freak out at doing anything adventurous.
I don't like rollercoasters {but am working on it for Tyrel's sake}, hate cliff-jumping, and will never go bungee-jumping or skydiving.
Because I am a wuss.
But this was neat-o.
We didn't go fast on the ziplines, and it wasn't scary at all {not really even leading up to it}, but the views were killer, and the last one was 450 meters long.
That's long.
And that sunshiiiiiine.
And the harness wedgie!
And the line even gave me a rope burn on my wrist which might be a lifelong scar.
Viva the DR!

After we finished up the ziplines, we waited for our next tour to Hoyo Azul.

Are you digging my post-baby hair-regrowth as much as I am? Blergh...

We had the nicest tour guide who showed us all the native plants and what they were used for.

 But this was the part that made the whole excursion worth it.
Wanna see why?
It's gonna make you jealous....

Look at that.
Amazing, right?
When we first got there, it was filled with lots of crazy Brazilians, but once they left, our little group {8 of us} had the entire thing to ourselves.

The water was chiiiiiiiiilllllllly, but so worth it.

I was planning on throwing in a video right here, but we will see when time permits me to do it.

And you know how I said at the end of the last post how I was only going to do two more posts?
Well, I can hardly squeeze half of one in during the T-Man's naptime, so it might be more than that?
Not sorry?

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