You know that phase where you come back from vacation, and you are so behind on everything that you never seem to catch up?
Just me?
Well, that is the big hole I have fallen into.
I feel like we came back to a whole different life.
With all the new greenery outside, good friends that have moved away, saying adieu to my lovely Young Women, a summer residency grad school hubby, and two kids that wanted us to go back on vacation the minute we walked in the door, I don't feel like I have a grasp on life.
The small one is waking up at 4 am for the day while the slightly-bigger one has so much disobedience in her system that she seems to HAVE to get out.
I haven't seen the gym in almost a month, practically every dish we own is dirty, despite cleaning them every day, and my energy levels are loooooooooow.
We must soldier on!
Summer is here, and we aren't going to let it escape!

With all that said, here are LAST WEEKS kid pictures.
And thanks for the patience with the vacation pictures.
Y'all keep asking where they are, but I promise I'm not ignoring you!

Tate: This little guy eats non-stop. He would finish off a box of graham crackers in one sitting if I let him.

Kemry: Currently in time-out and fake hyperventilating, this one is just full of crazy energy. Some of it is used for good {most of the time, thankfully}, but wahoooooo, I tell you!

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