I love maternity leave. I can be laaaaaaazy and not care one bit about it. Tyrel is out playing basketball, so I think I am going to eat some yummy {pregggers} candy...

...cuddle with my little Kemster...
If I use my camera, I can see my little feet. Oh how I have missed them!
....and fold the laundry
do the dishes
clean the living room
watch a movie.

All that other stuff can wait until tomorrow :)


  1. Sometimes this is the story of my life! I've been keeping an eye on both your facebook and your blog WAITING for you to have little Kemry!!! ;) How many days until the due date?

  2. BE LAZY!! your life is going to get a little tiredsome :) but in the best way possible!

  3. Ha ha you're so funny Vandy. That's a great way to be able to see your feet! You be lazy and you like it! That sounds like a good plan, maybe I will go on maternity leave too, but it will be for pretend ha ha. Popcorn and a movie sounds nice!


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