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Yeah. So I am not as good at blogging as I was determined to be. I guess with the start of a new year, I can add that to my list of resolutions :)

Christmas was wonderful this year! Tyrel and I drove to Wyoming to surprise my whole family (with the exception of Lyle and Melissa who were in on the whole thing). My parents decided to come to my Grandma's to celebrate this year since it is only about 7 hours away from all of us kids (only 7...that is better than the 16 back to South Dakota). Tyrel and I really wanted to go, but we weren't sure if we could with work, the weather, and how close we are to having the baby. We pretty much told my parents that we were out for this year, but we would celebrate next year with them. After no scares on the baby end-of-things (along with an okay by my doctor), good weather reports, and a little trading of schedules with the other managers at work, we decided to go and show up on Christmas morning. We drove to Bozeman, MT after I got off work on Christmas Eve and got up at 4:30 so we could spend as much time as possible with my family. Goodness were they thrilled (as were we!) when they saw us! We only really got to spend one day with them, but it was totally worth having all of us there at one time :)

New Years isn't quite as exciting as it used to be, but we still had fun playing games with Tyrel's family until Midnight. The best part about New Years is MATERNITY LEAVE! Hallelujah! I never thought it would come! I really don't mind just hanging out (and getting paid, cough, cough) and waiting for our little girl's arrival! Ideally, Tyrel would get the next 14 weeks off with me, but I guess that isn't too practical, is it?

I did get a baby before my actual baby comes!
I guess it is still technically in the mail, but I can't wait to start playing with it! We decided to upgrade to a DSLR since we will be taking so many pictures in the future, and we wanted them to actually turn out nice. After selling our old camera and a few other things just lying around the house (thanks ebay shoppers!), we ended up paying hardly a thing for this little guy and 3 lenses. I always said that I needed a hobby for while I was on leave, so I guess I found it!

And our actual baby is still a-kicking and growing like crazy. I love being pregnant, but my little body is sure getting a little sick of it :) I have been pretty fortunate to have such a good pregnancy, so I shouldn't complain. I sure don't like my right ribcage being bruised (it's her own little private fort), being short of breath all the time, feeling cramps and false contractions (come on...just let them be real ones...), and (oh!) the back pain! I do love (love love love), however, watching her move around (especially her little is wicked cool to watch it stick out and slide all over my stomach), not having any stretch marks on my tummy (yet..knock on wood), sitting in her little nursery, and knowing that my little girl will be here sometime within the next 24 days! I think all of that can tide me over until she gets here :)

36.5 weeks down...less than 3.5 to go!!!

Oh, yeah. Our New Year's Resolution? To be kinder with our road rage. I didn't say that we were getting rid of our road-rage completely ( have been warned Idaho drivers...), but we will at least not say as nasty of things about you as we witness your [mad] skills on the road :)

Maybe someone should check on us daily with this one to see how we are doing...


  1. Your Grandma's reaction was priceless! And we want a text from someone when you go to the hospital so we can try to get there when we are able! We are really excited too!

  2. Woo hoo new camera! It's such a nice thing to have, we love ours. I'm glad you guys are alive and safe and that you got to visit your parents. I bet they were just so excited. Happy New Year! Love you guys!


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